Embedable Buy Button Code For External Sites

I’d like to see the ability to generate embed code for pasting into a Wordpress or custom html page.

Currently we can export the entire shop as a widget but not single products or single categories.

I have a shop that sells band merchandise and each category is a different artist.

I can’t embed the entire shop on their website because it would include hundreds of products that aren’t theirs. I’d like to be able to give them code to setup their products on their website / mailing lists etc so they can create a shop to sell their products.

If Widget mode was available per product or per all products in a category then we’d have more options on exporting the shop to other websites without it being everything or nothing.

Example: They have a new album they want to sell, they can add a buy button on their website where ever they want and it’ll add the product to the cart/checkout on the shop. It’s a bit more that just a URL link as it sends them to a cart/checkout so they can complete the order without losing track. If it’s a product with options they can select the options from the widget and send it to the cart/checkout.

Expanding the current CS-Cart widget mode to single products and categories would be huge addition to CS-Cart.

Something similar to Shopifys method - Some basic CSS choices that generates a button which will add the product to the shopping cart from an external site.