Embed youtube video?

I want to embed a youtube vid into one of my pages, and product detail pages but i cant figure out how to get it to work? Ive gone into to visual HTML editor and selected ‘insert embedded media’ but then im lost. I cant get it to work, which one am i meant to select. I have the embed code from Youtube.

Im sure its really simple lol, so hopefully someone can shed some light :slight_smile: Thanks

Ok im officially an idiot. I thought i had to use them embed code, but you just use the url… DUH works like a charm :slight_smile:

You were not alone. A while back my videos stopped showing. I can't get iether the embed code or the URL to do anything.

Would someone explain steps?

like, “paste embed code in HTML mode”, or “paste embed code in WYSIWYG window” or the same for URL if that's the way to go.


If you're going to paste code from a supplier (video or anything else), you need to be in HTML mode, not WYSIWYG mode.

If you have the full version of the editor, it will insert video.

I have posted several in the Hints & Modifications forum. Search for TinyMCE.