Emails From Cs-Cart Php Mail Are Being Flagged As Spam

Hi all,

I am using CS-Cart MV and I am using the built-in php mail.

Under "Settings -> Company" I have specified various email ID for different functions, exg:, and

However, when a customer is notified of an order, status change etc, these emails from CS-cart are being flagged as SPAM (both in gmail and yahoo mail).

How do I go about resolving this issue?

PS> I have already verified it is not blacklisted as in

thanks a ton,


Hello, Ajay

Make sure that you have:

- PTR record (Reverse DNS). Some incoming mail servers (such as Google, Yahoo and so forth) will not even consider accepting a message from an IP address which does not identify itself with a PTR record in a reverse DNS zone.

- SPF policy. Adding an SPF record to your DNS zone is the best way to stop spammers from spoofing your domain.

- DKIP signature. If the email is from a trusted domain and is successfully verified through DKIM, the email may have its spam score reduced.

In complex these solutions may help you to prevent your messages to get in spam folder of your recipients.

The easiest way to fix it is to use third party SMTP, e.g. sendgrid if you are not familiar with DKIP, SPF, or reverse DNS.

Thank you all for the suggestions, we are going through these items and I will update the post on what worked for us for our community.


would love to know if there things fixed the problem for you and how your whent about the fixing!

hope to hear for you