Email To Customers With Reward Points

I would like to send an email to all my customers with reward points and remind them that they have something of value and to come to my store to use them. Is there an easy way to export a list of customers and reward point balance or do I need to go digging in the database. I could not see reward points as an exportable field in the export data function.

The only way to do it is export directly from the database via PhpMyAdmin… Have to export customers(name, email) with id's and also reward points which only contain customer id's… Then match them up with excel… Really sucks and time consuming…

OK just got back to this and have a problem.

For some customers if I look at their points in the reward points log (see attached file) the the addition of the points on left does not equal what is shown on the screen on the right as the total for the customer.

If I look at this customer he actually has 4 orders (not 3) and the total of the points in the 4 orders is correct. Why does the 4th (oldest) order not show in the log.

I went to table cscart_reward_point_changes and can only find the three orders so Cscart must calculate the total points using data from another table but I can't find where.

Does anybody know whats going on here ?



I found cscart_user_data is where the total points for each customer is stored. This aligns with the number in the right hand side of my screen shot.

So its not possible to calculate the total points for each customer by adding all the points for each customer in table cscart_reward_point_changes as it does not include every order for me.


A few years on,is there a solution?

A few years on,is there a solution?

- create new subscriber list for these customers

- install our User points module

- export users with points

- open file by excel and sort users by reward points

- delete users without points

- add Mailing list column and fill it with the new mailing list data

- go to Administration -> Import data -> Subscribers and import this feed