Email Templates - Get Social Icons Not Showing Up In E-Mails


I have a customer with 2 stores setup within CS-Cart. STORE1 works fine with the social media icons in the email templates that go out, but STORE2 just has a white box around where the icons should be in the actual emails (see attachment), but the preview looks just fine in the admin area for STORE2, but just not showing up correctly in the actual emails (and no, the images are not being blocked from a protective view in the emails).

In the Design->Email Templates->Code snippets area (Editing snippet: Footer) - the piece of code that is there is that creates the Social Media Icons is:

I used the full static link location of where the social icons are located in STORE1. I have tried relative links like "/design/themes/responsive/mail/media/images/social/...png" for the image sources and then the icons will not show up in either store correctly. The .png icons are also located in both store physical locations. Part of the problem may be that both stores seem to share the same resources for the email template that processes the coding, so it does not seem like I can have a special template for STORE1 and a different version of the template for STORE2 with the email templates - unless I'm missing something(?).
Any thoughts on how to fix it?
Thanks in advance... :)