Email Problem?

Ive done a transfer to my shiney new server and everything go’s great. Payments and everything… But it dosn’t send out emails!

All the settings look to be identical to the old server. Its a carbon copy of the old shop (im still using the old one temporarily) database n all.

Anyone know why the emails dont send. Surely the fact the email server isnt local wont matter will it?

Probably this article could help you: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

yea i tried that and i got a 1! but i dosnt send from he cart!! wha? lol

As I understood you got “1” in test script but did not get this e-mail. It means that there are some problems with your mail server. Please contact them about this problem.

Is there a way to set STMP server port somehow?

It was just a domain issue it turns out takes lke forever to setup the name servers lol