Email Notifications not being sent

We are experiencing problems with CSCart in that orders are being placed and paid for, but no email notifications are being sent to the customer OR to designated staff email accounts.

The Order Status for a new order is “Open” and the Notify Customer box is ticked.

Notifications don’t get sent even if the order status is changed.

Notifications don’t get sent for either online or offline payments.

I can manually go into an Order , click “Notify Customer” and an email doe get sent, but notifications need to get sent automatically.

I thought this on my site but each test I do works fine. If you use Smtp then the will be a log on your server you can check. It would be nice if we had the ability to add a cc address to make sure each and everyone goes.


The Order Status for a new order is “Open”


What do you mean by this. A new order's status is determined by a number of factors and the possible outcomes are Incomplete, Open, Failed, Declined or Processed. All successful orders will go through the Open status (whether they stop there or go to Processed is dependent on whether there is a payment provider or not). Orders that would not stay in the Open status do not have notifications sent for the Open status.

What I mean by this is, that Orders have had payments taken but customer and Orders Department don't get an email notification informing that order is processed.

Customers are having to phone up to find out what has happened to their order.

The order is created in the database and shows Ordet Status “Open”.

In the status config is it set to send out email on “OPEN” I don't think mine was by defult.

Yes the Notify Customer is set to ON.

What email setting are you using ? PHP, SMTP or SENDMAIL

If you are using SMTP inform your host and ask them to trace where the emails are ending up. If the was an error with sending SMTP it would show when you do an order update.

So these are orders without a payment provider or where the payment provider is not properly calling back to cs-cart (Paypal is notorious for this with incorrect paypal settings).

If you can do it manually from the “Notify Customer” checkbox on the order then there's nothing wrong with your fundamental email setup (regardless of sendmail, php or smtp delivery options).

What it indicates is that either there is a payment provider defined and it is not returning its status to cs-cart (and the order moving from Open to Processed) or you have incorrect settings for the Open status. I think you should verify that your payment provider is doing a proper callback to cs-cart.

customer notification email error and swapped to the vendor

In cs cart 4.2.4, I found the problem that after a customer submitted orders “submit order” email notification and sent to the customer invoice tikda but sent an email to the vendor.

at the time, change the order statuss, everything is in check, and the administrator settings, order statuss, all configuration is correct.

Another problem is that the same?

why did it happen?

How do I fix this?