Email Notification Sent To Vendor Instead The Store Owner

I've noticed that when a new Vendor Store Account is registered and required for the Store Owner/Admin to approved it, the email notification is being sent to the Vendor email instead to the email of Store Owner.

Below is the content of the email notification which supposed to be sent to Store Owner (which is my email address) but it was sent to Vendor email adsress:

New User Profile


The profile owned by "" has been newly created, you should check the details of this user (if required) and activate it by using the following link:

Please note that User Department Email Address and the other email address has been set to go the Store Owner and not to the Vendor email address.

Does anyone knows the solution? Or anyone have encounter this issue and how to resolved it?

I really appreciate if you could help me with this please?

Turn off 3rd party add-ons and see if still a problem.

Indeed a 3rd Party Add-On, but I got a question in general.

How are these email templates being triggered to be sent to a destination email. Which particular piece of code enabling the emails to send the email template?

Maybe this is a question for Developers.

For standard templates/emails, "whom" is generally hard coded into the notification setups based on the context of an order. I.e. if it's a vendor company then it uses the vendor's company data. If in ultimate then it's either the company/storefront context and/or the store administration. Similarly Suppliers have separate actions if you have that addon enabled and suppliers defined. There are hooks in the code that allow addons to change that which I'm guessing is what you're seeing.