Email Notification Occasionally Missing Password

About two months ago I started hearing from some customers that the email notification they receive when they create a new account is missing password and username. I actually create the account when the submit a form.

I have tested this myself and it works fine for me every time, but there is no doubt that the login info is missing in some cases. I guessed it is a server hiccup of some sort, but it seems to be happening more frequently and I need to fix this problem.

I have only edited the form to include the login url just below the login info.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.

I think (but could be wrong) that a password is only sent when a user is created, not updated and/or only when modified in the admin area versus the customer doing their own update to their profile. But if you're using the new email editor, I haven't a clue.

As far as I can see in the fn_update_user function, the password is sent only if the account was not created by the customer