Email Notification Error


i already setup all my email with SMTP, my email using zoho mail but when i place order or change the order status as well as notify customer it pop out error message

ErrorMessage could not be sent.

Mailer Error: SMTP Error: data not accepted.

ErrorMessage could not be sent.

Mailer Error: The following From address failed: : MAIL FROM command failed,,

there is no email receive.

For newsletter having the same issue, i can't sent newsletter to my mailing list (subscriber). it show

Mailer Error: SMTP Error: data not accepted.

For register new user, edit profile the notification email work fine. just order and newsletter, i have no clue how to fixed it.

Please help me solve this issue, i have no clue how to solve it..Really appreciate if someone could help me

Further information.

for my cscart ultimate version 4.4.1, have no this issue, but my cscart multivendor version 4.4.2 encounter email notification and newsletter error while email setting completed.

Issue Encounter in multivendor 4.4.2

-currently my multivendor version 4.4.2, able to sent order status notify to admin and vendor but not customer.

-customer place order it didnt send order with error that shown on the screenshot.

-admin send newsletter to mailing list(suscriber) with SMTP error return, but when use send to test mail it work probably.

-after send to test mail, the mail show default_company_name.

Anyone encounter these issue? any solution for me?

Thank You.

Thank You




Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 1.21.47 AM.png

Are you using the same SMTP provider for both your cs-cart and MVE sites? If so, they should be behaving the same.

You might want to contact your SMTP provider and have them tell you what they see on their end as to why they are rejecting the mail.

Is your site clear of malware?


When customer update profile,did receive email and admin/vendor able to receive order email. Only send notify to customer encounter issue.

Thank You