Email Marketing And Newsletter Addons Incompatible


I currently have email marketing addon setup which syncs all of my subscribers with a mailchimp list. However, today I wanted to setup an automated email for registered users with abandoned carts according to instructions specified in this link, however I found out that the “Email Marketing” and

“Newsletters” addons are incompatible with each other.

Is there any way to fix this issue, or perhaps some alternate way I can carry out this task?


  • Temporary disable the “Email Marketing” module
  • Temporary enable the “Newsletters” module
  • Send required e-mails
  • Disable the “Newsletters” module
  • Enable the “Email Marketing” module

Hello eComLabs

Thanks for the reply. Your solution is temporary online for 4-5 minutes. I want to automate the process of sending emails on abandoned carts after 4-5 days of user abandoning the cart, and the process you described above is not helpful in that scenario.

Any other alternative? Or am I stuck having to manually email each and every person?

Hello Rajinder

The Functionality you Require is already available in Cs-Cart can check here

[url=“Abandoned Cart and Wishlist Reminder: CS-Cart add-on by Cart-Power”][/url]

you can go for this and if you need some more features you can provide us we will do it for you.



Thanks for the reply, Aditya!

I will look into the addon.