Email format should be validated at checkout right?

The last few days I have noticed 2 different customers didn’t complete their email when ordering and checkout let them. Both with issues with their orders so needed to contact them but am not able to. One was theiremail@gmail but they left off the “.com”. And the other person just typed a few letters for something that doesn’t resemble an email address at all. Every so often I see this but twice in a few days has me concerned something somewhere isn’t doing its job. No new updates have been applied to the cart other than the security one they recently recommended.


By default, CS-Cart does not have very strict rules for email validation because there are too many possible email formats and too many ways to enter incorrect emails. So instead of tilting at windmills, current validation is made as simple as possible.

I appreciate your reply. Just seems odd that the cart wouldn’t validate a customer not having the “@” symbol in that field or a “.” somewhere in their address. Most other shopping carts I have used (as a customer), if I leave off the @ or type something like gmailcom (no “.”) it will recognize something isn’t right and warn me. It’s not the end of the world not having this but seems like this would be something that should be validated in the email field.

Hi There,

We understand your concern and we can help you to restrict the customers from entering any random emails.

The mentioned emails shouldn’t be passed as valid ones. To be more specific, we use the following pattern:

Hmmm…that’s what I was thinking but when I had two in one day that skipped by I wasn’t sure why it wasn’t checking. Maybe something on the server wasn’t operating properly that day.

The only thing is that the email is only checked at the frontend. There are no checks on the backend, so if someone removes the checks on the frontend, they will be able to pass anything through.