Email Font Color For Options?

I notice that when a paid order email is sent the options for the product is shown in a gray on a white background which makes it hard to read. It looks like order date, payment and shipping method may be the same color as they aren't 100% black either. PDF attached to the email is the same. How do I fix that to be just black like the rest of the email? Not sure where that CSS is coming from.

No file was attached. If you use new document editor, CSS can be added to the Header snippet

Maybe I'm not being clear. Where is the CSS for the paid order emails at? I don't know where the CSS is pulled from for these automated emails.

CSS for all e-mail can be edited/ added in the Header snippet

Administration -> Notifications -> Code snippets

I also think that the options for the product are displayed in gray on a white background making it difficult to read. I think you should have them blacked out so you can see better.