Email Add-On (Constant Contact)

Hello All! Has anyone seen or used an add-on for sending information to Constant Contact? Thanks

I've not seen one for Constant Contact but Tony Birnseth (tbirnseth) has one for Mailchimp. He develops great addons and offers very good support. I'm researching his addon at this point so can't comment on it too much, but judging from the documentation it looks pretty good. I've been using VerticalResponse for years, but am considering switching to MailChimp just so I can use Tony's addon. Here's a forum thread with more information:


There may be people on the forums who have used Tony's MailChimp addon who can comment on its usefulness. I'm pretty sure Flow uses it.

Thanks I will check into that option. I have been using constant contact for many years and they have been great! I am hoping someone creates this add on soon they have many clients.