Elfinder - Image File Browser Shows Nothing

I have a ton of images in in /images (and various subfolders) but I cannot browse them by clicking “Server” when adding an image to a product. Permissions on images and all sub folders and files is 777 according to my FTP program.

I tried creating a folder using elFinder / Image Browser and added a test image. It appeared to work but I cannot find the directory anywhere on the file system and the path to the image that’s shown in elFinder (folder created on the root) returns a 404 error: http://www.domain.com/test/test.jpg

CS-Cart v4.3 - Any help appreciated!

File browser and server upload is a known issue and scheduled to fix with 4.1.1

However, the directory should have been created in your file system, try doing a search on server tree.

A known issue as in there is no chance to use any of our existing images until some unknown date in the future? Oh my.

We migrated from CurebCart and have some 800+ images organized by CS-Cart in the /images folder - Is there a workaround to access them or do we need to download them all via FTP and re-upload and end up with double images?

Directory - I cannot find it anywhere on the server. Not sure it matters as the path to the image according to elFinder returns a 404 when visited directly.

I also did a migration and just placed all the images into the default import directory at /var/exim/backup/images/

There is no need to download and upload again one by one. The bulk import works just fine. You just cannot associate an image already on the server with an item (product etc.).

There is no point trying to figure out the directory issue. I did it and it still would not import from there. Just use the Admin → Import function.

Good luck

Our migration is complete with all existing images displaying as expected for the most part.

The site owner now wishes to utilize these images to fix post migration image issues, update Category images, update or change Product pictures etc.

In that case I'd say they need to update the images one by one via the UI without the server option.

Interesting discovery - the elFinder Browser works perfectly for Website Content. Doesn't work for Products & Categories.

Follow up from support - starting with CS-Cart 4.0.2 any Server Uploaded file will be placed in /var/files. Currently Server upload is broken and will be fixed with 4.1.1 which has a planned 01/2014 release date.

Which means:[list]

[]You'll never be able to access an image uploaded via “Local” because that method places the upload in /images

]You may end up with two image locations

[*]You'll never be able to re-use an uploaded image unless it's uploaded via elFinder or your site operator knows how to find the full image URL and knows to remove the S from https (re-use as in using a product image as the category feature, placing an image on a special page etc).