Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and cs-cart

I just recently purchased CS-Cart and still learning the ropes within the CMS. I would like to ask if anyone has been able to integrate an EDI solution with CS-Cart?

The Idea is to take all orders received in CS-Cart and export/format to the EDI (X.21) for ftp transmission to supplier.



we would like to do the same for one of our customers.

they would like to synchronise the stock on a daily basis via an edi file on the server. Has anyone done this before?

Any advice on how to do this will be highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


Anyone was able to implement or use EDI? with cs cart? what is the strategy? is it at least possible?


It's all possible. Trouble is that there is not enough demand for anyone to invest the time it takes to do an export and deal with the general nature of EDI.

Remember, EDI is a data structure definition that can be represented in several different underlying data formats (XML, CSV, TAB Separated, Json, etc.).

There are many EDI providers that you could pay to use the cs-cart API to pull data from your store and format it in EDI and send it along. That's what they do for a living. However, none of them are going to have an out-of-the-box solution for cs-cart. So you (or some group) will have to pay for the development since there is not enough volume related to cs-cart to make it worth their while.

You can easily find someone (like me) who can take an EDI document specification that you expect to receive and generate it based on the data in cs-cart. However, that's just a single EDI document.