Ekeys for tracking are being deleted before order is delivered

Good day,

I am having an issue with one of our stores where the ekeys that are being sent in the links to the order within the confirmation emails seem to be deleted every so often (looks like at least once a day). I can see that the keys are being made in the cscart_ekeys table in our database, but every once in a while, with no logical reason that I can discern, the table is emptied, I assume by the cart.

An example of a confirmation email is:


You requested information on the orders you placed in our store.

To view order #4514 please open this link:


To view all your orders, please follow this link:


Thank you for your interest in our store. [/COLOR]

I have looked throughout the admin area to find a place where the ekeys are being deleted after a delay, but have found nothing.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The issue is that the TTL (Time-to-live) of the keys are set to expire (and are thus removed) one hour after they are generated.

To extended the TTL do the following.

a) open /controllers/customer/orders.php

b) locate ‘ttl’ => strtotime(“+1 hour”)

(at about line 213)

c) change +1 to +696 (29 days)

You should be good to go.

PS. you will notice programming notes (// FIXME!!! hardcoded), I would imagine that in a future release the TTL will be adjustable in the backed.