effects of currency rate on past orders/invoices

Hi everyone.

Just noticed this weird behaviour when using additional currencies…

Base currency is AUD and customer uses USD currency. The item is $150AUD so their order/invoice shows a price of $100USD, the currency rate is 1.5.

But when I change the rate to 1.4, his past ‘completed’ order/invoices will change the price to $107USD ($150AUD divide by 1.4). This is incorrect because he paid $100USD and not $107USD.

Is there anyway to make past completed invoices static? Because I think this is an incorrect implementation.


we had the same problem. Only the base currency is frozen not the secondary currencies. So it’s not static and later different from the original rate.

My solution is to show in some templates (invoice, order infos) only the base currency and not the other dynamic currencies. I set in template on top a value like {assign var=“showbaseonly” value=“Y”} and at the end {assign var=“showbaseonly” value=“N”}

This value and an if/else edit in the price template force to show only base currency. Hope could help you.