Editing the Promotion settings

Hi, I’m planing on opening a store soon and I’ve been trying out different carts.

I started the 60 day trial for CS Cart and really like the different options it has to offer so far. :wink:

One of the main features I really need is to offer Locals Free shipping on orders over a certain price. I’ve been trying to get this to work by adding a Promotion.

These are the Conditions I’ve added for the Cart Promotion:


Order Total: equal or greater (130.00)

Customer State: equal (Nevada)

I saved the setting, and tested it out with a account under a Nevada address but

the promotion does not seem to be applying to the order by itself. Am I missing a step?

Thanks for taking the time to help

*This is really the main feature I’m looking for, so I’m trying to make sure this works before I make the purchase.

The promotion is added in the cart for me. My promotion is as follows:

Order Total: equal or greater (2000)

Customer State: equal (AZ)

I have tested the following scenarios:

  1. Bill-to customer in AZ, ship-to same address - promotion applied in cart;
  2. Bill-to customer in AZ, ship-to address outside AZ - promotion not applied;
  3. Bill-to customer outside AZ, ship-to same address - promotion not applied;
  4. Bill-to customeroutside AZ, ship-to address in AZ - promotion applied.

    All of these are the correct behaviors.

    Unfortunately, even though the promotion is applied, the shipping is still being charged on the order. This was reported as bug #958 in the Bug Tracker. This appears to be an issue only when using the Supplier add-on. Are you using the Supplier add-on?

    Are you not seeing the promotion applied or is the promotion applied but the shipping still charged. If it is the latter, you might want to add your experience to the bug report (#958) to nudge the developers a bit.


Thanks for taking the time to reply,

I just tried it again, and the Promotion does not seem to be coming up. I set it

the way you set it, and I tried changing the cost “150.00, 150” just to see if it would make a difference. I did the same thing for the state “NV, Nevada, nevada”.

When I add a item over the price, the message for the promotion isn’t coming up.

My fake account is under a Nevada address also.

I sent a e-mail to CS Cart yesterday and they showed me another method by creating a new Location and including the state. This seems to work so far so I’ll prob. stick with this. :cool: