Editing The Admin Side

Where do I go to edit the admin layout?

Specifically, on an order detail page, the customer's shipping address (left side of page) does not display the address2 field.


First check Administration->Profile fields and make sure it is selected. It looks like it is not selected by default.

[attachment=13995:Screenshot_2019-09-10 Administration Profile fields - Administration panel.png]

Edit: Disregard. Just tested on demo and can't get the second address field to show. Not even when you edit the order, the field doesn't show.

Screenshot_2019-09-10 Administration Profile fields - Administration panel.png

The template responsible for the customer information at the left side is located here


This is so frustrating. The last update really screwed up customer fields. I am a little surprised they just continue to let this roll along without a fix. Invoices etc are a mess.

The field is in that profiles template (thanks, eComLabs!) but it does not display.

{if $user_data.s_address_2}



Looks like a bug. Please make a post in the bug tracker