Editing multiple itemsâ´s image - not working


I´m just having an issue with my cs-cart, I´m using the version before 2.2.1 I think it´s 2.1.4 … well just the version before 2.2.1… nevermind

The problem is when I select more than 10 items (more or less) for editing at the same time and when I browse for the images to save them It just save 5 or 6 images.

Last day I edit 56 articles at the same time and I spent a lot of time to browse and find the images in my hard disk, and when I click the save button It just save no more than 6 images of the 56 that I did.

This has been tested uploading the images from my hard disk, when I do it via webserver, it works fine, well I havent tested with more than 10 images (because I dont want to waste my time again).

Well I dont really know why it could be… Firstly I thought it would be because my php.ini or something but my images are small enough they are less 1 MB. And also I have noticed when I did it and the images werent saved, I tried just to upload 1 by 1 the images that failed in the same 56 editing window but it didnt work, Images are not upload even 1 by 1, but if you use the images in web server option it works fine.

Does anyone have the same problem ?


Hello Telemaco78,

It seems that the problem occurred because of the “max_file_uploads” and “upload_max_filesize” settings of the PHP configuration. Most probably, the values of these settings are too small.

Please contact your server administrator and ask him/her to increase values of these settings for the “Local” and “Master” values to maximal possible.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support Team