Editing banners is broken

…good day. We recently had CSCart assist in fixing some installation/upgrade glitches that we apparently ran into for no good reason. Everything has been ok since then, except I now discovered when trying to edit a banner, only a mostly blank page displays with no details or ways to edit. I can create a new banner and that page looks normal and banner is created correctly, but editing an existing banner yields the attached screenshot… thoughts? I have a support ticket submitted, but wondering if anyone has run into this. Thanks!

It looks like you have uploaded a too large image for this banner and your server is unable to handle creating a thumbnail for it and is running out of memory.

Please try removing the largest and most recently updated image from the images/promo/[id] folder in your installation.

Thank you very much for the reply. I could try that, but my largest file in that folder is 3.35MB, can’t believe that’s too large. Additionally, that “blank” screen is displayed when trying to edit any banner I’ve ever created, regardless of age, recent, size photo, etc. Again, creating a new banner seems to be no problem, just editing any existing banner is the current (and new) problem. I suspect something else is still broken. Support ticket is in process, but any other thoughts are welcome.

Just heard back from support. Based on their suggestion this problem seems fixed.

For those that may have this in the future, it appears I am still dealing with some missing extensions and cart requirements since our host recently moved our site to a new server. Due to this, Imagick and/or GD graphics library was not installed (thank you CSCart support for catching that!) causing this issue, and I wasn’t aware. Once that was installed (host used GD) all editing and appearance is back to the way it should be and is functional from what I can see.

Thank you again for everyone’s help!

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