Edit the /index.php?dispatch=checkout.cart page?

Apparently I have done this before, as it has my information I wanted in the past on there. Ive been looking for over an hour now, and can not figure this out for anything. This is on version 2.44? or something. Thanks


I think we would need more details on what you are trying to accomplish. Just move something or redesign the whole layout.


apparently I have edited whats on the actual page before, I put payment information on there about different payment methods. Just cant seem to figure out how to edit the text again

What im wanting to do is edit the stuff in the red box. I have edited this in before, but has been quite a while and can not figure out how to edit it again lol.

This text is hard-coded?

Dunno. I remember putting it in there myself im pretty sure

Dont think so. I remember editing it in

In version 2.1.1 it looks like you might look at the following file. /skins/ your skin/ customer/views/checkout/components/cart_content.tpl