Edit Requested Rma Action For Returns

It constantly happens that customers choose the wrong Action when submitting a return request and there is no way to edit the requested action for their return.

I must log into the database and manually change the 'action' field in the 'rma_returns' table.

It would be beneficial if an administrator could change the requested action when editing the return.


1. Customer submits a return and requests the "Exchange Item" action. They include a memo that states "I want to Exchange the RED parts that I purchased for GOLD parts." The red and gold parts are inventory controlled and have separate part numbers. I must now change their requested action to a Store Credit so they can apply the credit to a new order for the preferred parts.

2. Customer never notices the Requested Action options when submitting their return and the default is a Store Credit, but they really are expecting a Refund. I must now change the requested action to Refund from the Store Credit.

3. WORST OF ALL: Customer pays via PayPal and chooses Refund, but wants a Store Credit. If you process the return without changing the Refund action, CS-Cart will now AUTOMATICALLY issue a refund via PayPal. I had this happen and issued a $150 store credit, not realizing that v4 is now automatically issuing refunds! I'll never get that $150 back...

Yes surely there should be some way of creating these manually for customers when they have called up over the phone?

Number 3 is worrying!?