Easy Tabs For Cs-Cart 4.x

Hi guys

another handy Addon for those heavy tab users out there.

With Easy Tabs you can get your tabs in order, easy and fast.

With this new Addon you dont need anymore to drill down in Product Blocks to find the custom Tabs. Your Custom Tabs are just below the Product main description, fast and easy accessible, with the default HTML editor ready to go!

You can open as many as you want from the special Tab Manager Screen in Products menu in admin , you can change the order add more or delete them. They are multilanguage and they appear only when they have content.

Here is also a small Video Presentation for Easy Tabs.

[center][media]Easy Tabs for CS-Cart 4.x - YouTube

You can buy it in our CS-Cart Store for 32USD


Just ordered it, don't like paying transaction fees you should think about building it into the cost.


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Just ordered it, don't like paying transaction fees you should think about building it into the cost.



Hi Rob

Thank you so much for your order, hope you enjoy our product. If you have any questions feel free to share.

As for the PayPal fees its always a matter of dicussion, as we also work in the domestic market with bank deposit that has no fees, so raising the prices would be unfair for those buyers.

We try to keep our prices as low as we can. We also have reduced our prices last month about 15% on all our Addons, so stay tuned for future offers or price drops.


Hi Fotis

We do like your work however I still do not like fee's added to the Headline cost, it's like buying an flight ticket then you got to pay for the seat then the bag etc, I guess we are not used to paying fees here.

For others buyers which is better for them PayPal or card payment?

Great work Fotis and look forward to your next add-on.


Rob, in Europe it's very normal to pay with bank transfer (which is free within the EU) or automatic bank transfers like Sofort uberweisung, iDeal and so on, which have very low fee's. We all prefer these over the expensive and slow methods like credit card, paypal etc. Why give away 2% if it's not necessary, right?

You are right Rob and Flow, but its a necessity.

This was a decision we had to make. Expensive products and you pay the way you like or cheaper Addons and you choose your payment method according to needs.

Bank transfer is very slow, credit card payments from abroad have also huge fees, so PayPal is the solution for now.

We try to be clear on the fees before someone proceeds with the order.

I have in mind if all things go the way we hope, to lower those fees as a first step. Ideal would be to have so much sales that would be no problem covering all expenses and keep low prices possible. But this is not possible at the moment, as our community is not so big as other CMS or shop software out there.

Lets hope we will grow with the community.

Thank you Rob for your nice words, always trying to bring something useful out. We are open on all kinds of suggestions for next versions.



We have it installed and works great, 5 star product, lets not get to worked up about the fees i do understand, we are UK based and don't really have fee's added on, in most cases that stopped a few year ago.

Flow, we are in Europe and believe me we have many payment methods in place, we believe in making payment as easy and cheap as possible for our customers, we take most cards, PayPal, BACS, internet payments etc, just waiting for CSC to implement Amazon UK Payments now.

Regarding card payment timing, for us it's in our bank account next morning.

Withi PayPal, we draw down every day and it's in our account within 10 minutes or less and we have great rates, you have to push them to get the rates.

Our card rates are very very low and you could say it's like giving a prepayment discount instead (common in Europe) of a “prepayment penalty”.

That's it I'm out of here now, have a great evening guys, subject closed for me.


It's just the way you look at it. We do it the same as you Rob: no payment fee's for whatever payment the customer chooses. This means we make about 1,5% more on bank transfer orders than on credit card and paypal.

BTW We have been using Amazon payments very successfully with cs-cart, it's used a lot.

On topic: Fotis, nice add-on again!


looks nice…does it also work for Multivendor? Meaning that the vendors have the possibility to complete the different tabs?

See Product Tabs For Vendors - Multi-Vendor Edition - CS-Cart Community Forums


Hi there hipe

sorry for the delay, been on the road last few days.

Yes this Addons works fine with MV software. You open as administrator the tabs you like and then they are available to vendors in order to fill the text etc. So the name and the number of extra tabs is up to the Admin not the vendor, as the vendor has no control over Addon and settings.

If you need any other info let me know


HI guys

we are adding more futures to this addon.

Next in the order is import via csv.

If you have any requests for the next update we areglad to implement.

just let us know below