Easy Print - Order Directly To Thermal Printer

We would like to announce Easy print is a client side windows application

[center][color=#4F81BD]Easy Print is a simple application that print any new order of your CS-Cart directly to any Thermal Printer or to any other printer. The same time it change the status of the order.[/color][/center]

This software is very usefull for fast food with delivery service.

You can get more information at the marketplace or direclty to our web site

This windows application dont work correctly. Sample do not show and apply specials discounts or + or - payment fees cant apply promotions . I mean order total dont read to db

Application is working fine!

If you you are not able to install it as Demo, we can do it for you. We need ftp access to your cs-cart installation and company id that you use will cs-cart ( default company id is 1)