Easiest way to set up local dev?

I am wondering the simplest way to set it up with my client’s data and design assets/templates. I want to do a test upgrade on a locally running stack.

I have apache, mysql, and php set up and running. My only question is, which dirs/files should I copy, and which shouldn’t I? And for data migration, any tables I should ignore, or just dump and restore the whole thing?


I can recommend you to create the full copy of the live installation (you can exclude the contents of the images folder if you don’t need images in the dev copy), however make sure to exclude the var/cache folder.

The database should be copied completely.

Also please check this one article:

Thanks for the response! I have gotten pretty far with this, and just have one remaining issue. I’d rather not set up a self-signed SSL in development, but the production DB I am migrating is set up for that, and aggressively redirects to https no matter what.

Strangely, when I try to go to admin, it redirects to the production site’s root (not its admin).

How do I get rid of both of these behaviors? I cannot do it in admin, since that redirects away from localhost. So I need to be able to do with DB queries.


As you mentioned, the storefront url set to the actual store address and you can change store url in cscart_storefronts table and also change url from config.local.php.


After you make changes in the cscart_storefronts and config.local.php, do not forget to clear cache. If the redirect still exists, try another browser. E.g. Chrome sometimes saves such redirects for some reason