Easier Check Out With Less Steps ?

Is there a way to layout cs cart similar to what is in the attached picture. It seems like you should be to shop and add items with less steps. For someone to add 20 items to their cart it takes a lot of time and steps.

This way you can have multiple lines of products on one page and add them to your cart without going to 20 di[size=4]fferent pages.[/size]


Just alter the listing grid you are using to show the options and provide a selector.

But there are very few searches that really result with a customer finding all 20 things they are looking for in one listing…

I think you are talking about changing to one of the 3 grid views that are available. If I do that there is still no way to add the “add to cart” button. I still have to go to options page first then the add to cart button is on that page.

I still can not get the look I have in the attachment or even similar to that.

No, I'm talking about taking one of those grid views and making a copy of it to a different name. Then doing the custom development necessary to have that grid view have the add to cart button and other layout that you want.


I think that might be beyond my capabilities especially when you start talking about custom development.

Does anyone have an addon that would do this or similar to this?

I doubt you'll find an out-of-the-box solution. Hire a front-end developer to do it for you. Should be no more than an hour or two of work/testing.