E-mail Marketting add-on subscribe block bot problem

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So far we have been using the subscribe block for email marketing in our default page. It was displayed in every page just before the footer. But recently, bots with auto form completion started bombarding our subscribers list. Sadly, the E-mail Marketing add-on does not provide anti bot validation for this small subscribe block. This makes the stores vulnerable for data corruption if they use the subscribe block.

I am not sure if I am opening this under correct category? Or should this be reported as bug? CS Cart addons are very useful, but they just lack regular updates.

I hope this topic is read by the developers and they can integrate the bot validation feature for future versions.

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Do you have a reCaptcha add-on enabled in your store? From what I heard, it reduced the amount of spam requests made by bots.

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Yes, I have it enabled in my store. The latest Google captcha as an add-on as well. It’s used for opening a new account and logging in. But probably, it does not cover the subscribe block.

In the Google recaptcha settings there is the “Subscribe form” that is disabled by default. Check to see if it’s enabled on your install.

I don’t see any “Subscribe form” in Google recaptcha settings. There is only “In-stock notification subscription form” and I dont know if that corresponds to that.

It’s there in the latest version. What are you using?

I have CS-Cart v4.16.1 installed. And add-on versions are:
E-mail marketing: v 1.0 27/05/2018
Google re Captcha: v 1.0 25/05/2018

This is what it should look like.

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Hello, it seems like I dont have the subscription form there.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have checked this and unfortunately the reCAPTCHA add-on was not integrated with the E-mail marketing add-on, only with the Newsletters add-on. I have created the task for the developers on this case.

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I was about to suggest this be in the bug tracker but you beat me to it.

Forum support has been exceptional from @CS-Cart_team lately. Keep it up!

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You are welcome!

I’m on guard for the interests of the CS-Cart community! :saluting_face:

I am very glad to know that the CS-Cart team pays interest in our suggestions and supports us on this matter. Thanks :slight_smile:

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