Hallo there

I just want to know if any of you are using the

online accounting software E-Conomic


As i am planing to make CS-cart to try incode a mod so that this 2 programs can speak together.

I an looking at some sort of all in one system that can sync my 3 shops, send orders to an accounting program and also

I'd love to be able to connect it all: accounting, shipping, inventory, and cs-cart. Sync them with your Payment provider, sync inventory, etc.

One of the most promising systems (also because they have European versions) would be:

200 apps og integrationer til dit regnskabsprogram

You can even scan your incoming invoices, import bank account statements, and connect everything!

An example I saw is from Smartwebshop:

Every 15th minute, the integration runs a “routine”, synchronizing all the products, product categories, debtors and orders in the webshop. If you have activated the stock module in e-conomic, the integration will automatically update the webshop stock.

It can also automatically import your bank account statements.

Wouldn't it be great if we could have cs-cart sync with something like this?

Oh I found another one that actually does all of the above with it's own webshop. I'm also checking out some other stuff…

See for example http://www.brightpearl.com/ - God it would make life so much easier if CS-cart could be implemented in something like this.

Any thoughts?