Dynamic product variation prices

I've been using version 2.2.4 of cscart for a while now.

My only problem is I can't figure out why variation pricing doesn't update accordingly when a new selection is chosen.

So lets say I'm selling a shoe and the options are

small $0 (Default selection)

medium +$2

large +$3

But then if I choose large then the other variation prices should change accordingly right ?

small - $1

medium - $2

large $0 (selection chosen)

I've searched the forums and the net for a long long time without a decent answer.

Wondering if anyone else out there has a solution or knows of a quick modification for dynamic pricing for product variation

Not in cs-cart. The 'variations' are known as modifiers and they are shown (and behave) as a modification of the base price. So a large is always going to show +3 and a med +2, etc…

Why not setting the real price taken from the product code on ervery extra combination?

Product a and a is price 25,00

Product a and b is price 27,50

Product a and c is price 30,00

its strange that shops working with +3 or -3 instead of the real price in de DB found.

Would you know if this is going to be worked on or if there is any modification that can be made to the shopping cart.

I'd hate to leave cscart just because of this one flaw that is holding my launch back


Not exactly sure what you mean, but I set the base price of some of my products to 0.00 and the option determines the price. I removed the (+ and -) so the customer jest sees the price of the option.


What i mean is if you select a variation then all the other variation prices should re-adjust accordingly.

Kind of how dell does it.

When you customize a computer in which the cpu selected by default is the cheapest. But if you you choose the most expensive CPU then all the other variation/options will become cheaper and are shown with (-) signs.

I think you want to look at the 'Product Configurator' in that case.

[quote name='JesseLeeStringer' timestamp='1335348568' post='135390']

I think you want to look at the 'Product Configurator' in that case.


could you explain please ?

I found another thread talking about this but it had no answer …

I've managed to enable the add-on and have been tooling around but to no avail


I took a look at the configuration and it did not help.

Still stuck with the major problem of options not reflecting changes once a selection is made in regards to pricing.

Anyone else share my problems ?

I highly doubt I'm the only one who wants product options pricing to reflect accordingly

bump ?