Duplicate pages vendors SEO

I have duplicate content erros in google search console and also in semrush for vendor pages.
Doesn t these have cannonical URL?
How to fix these issue
These types of pages are identified as duplicate content

You should add Cannonical URL path in meta tag.

I know how to do it but this implies lot of manual work, which is prone to errors, which can be better performed automatically

Try to post it to the bug tracker. I think, if the SEO module is enabled, the system should do redirect from technical to seo url

There is no such behavior in the default CS-Cart installation. I am unable to reproduce this.

If the SEO add-on is enabled, URL like this one:
has no SEO name.

The page with vendor’s SEO name will display the page like if the
URL was requested. If you open this URL with a direct link, you will be redirected with 301 redirect to its SEO variant.

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It is more clear now. SO

  • if a vendor has microstore enabled (through vendor plan), the SEO url is used


  • if a vendor does not have microstore enabled, another page (without SEO url) will be used


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Take a look here:

and here

it is the same vendor with 2 different URLs.

Can you explain me why?
And why google see it as duplicate

The All vendors page and link on the product details page use correct (seo url). Where the technical url is displayed in your store?

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These are completely different pages. Are you sure, that Google treat them as duplicate ones?