Duplicate Orders

We have always got duplicate emails using ePDQ, not sure if it's related though.


Well, this issue has returned. In the last week or so I've started to get duplicate orders again.

Weird thing is that in the meantime I've switched from PayPal Pro to Stripe for CC processing.

Also, earlier this week I upgrade the specs on my VPS so hopefully it shouldn't be due to a slow hosting environment.

I'm going to lodge a ticket with support again and see what they say. In the mean time if anyone has any input I'd be glad to hear it.

Maybe someone knows of a way to place some text on the final checkout page that says, “Please only click the PLACE ORDER button once. We appreciate your patience.”

Still using Stripe.

Still getting some duplicate orders.


I have the same thing - duplicate orders all of a sudden. I am using Stripe too.

From experience, this sort of things happens when someone clicks the 'Submit' button, there is a small delay and then they think it hasn't been clicked and they click it again.

The best solution would be to disable the button once it's been clicked so that it cannot be clicked again - placing a notice there might also help, I might look into this in the next few days and post my findings here.

So I update to 4.2.2 and duplicate orders have returned!


I'm sick and tired of this.

I switched back to PayPal several months ago because they contacted me with an offer I couldn't refuse–they waived the $30/month gateway fee!

We're experiencing the same issue on 1 of our websites. Suddenly started out of the blue, no changes to code or server set up.

Weird thing is that it doesn't happen every time

Doesn't look like a payment gateway issue since we're using Pin Payments. Launching a ticket now

Yeah it's totally random. But it's stopped again for us. Thankfully. Let us know what help desk tells you.