Duplicate Orders Made For Every Order

Hi there,

We migrated all our clients to a brand new server to another datacenter and we are facing a strange issue with 2 of our clients.

They both have now complaints regarding orders that are comming in 2 times (sometimes). Their clients are receiving 2 comfirmation mails so they are thinking they ordered it twice (imagine the confusion).

We didn’t had this problem before so would this be due the migration?

both have CS-Cart: version 3.0.2

Tx in advance

Within the last couple weeks, the site I manage is experience intermitted duplicate order. Some times customers do not receiving the order confirmation page, so they re-click the 'Place Order' button. Any idea why the confirmation page doesn't display?


Do you actually have duplicate orders, or are you just sending the order confirmation emails twice?

If you actually have duplicate orders, they must have different order IDs, correct?

I'm also experiencing duplicate order (confirmed unique IDs for each order). Our issue is the Confirmation Page is NOT displaying so the visitor keeps clicking the 'place order' button. Duplicate order occur every 5-6 orders.

We have the same problem.

I think cs-cart check for the license in checkout complete, and when your server have no connection to there license server, it not loading the checkout compleate page, and the users click double on compleate button.

so ibizo … did that worked for you??

Indeed 2 unique id's are created per 1 order.

We think to setup proxy, or to remove license check on that page… but the problem is that… when we block there license server IP the checkout complete page load after 30-60sec, and the user click double…

For that there are duplicate orders

I have not dug through the code, but I don't believe a license check is done during checkout.complete.

However, you might have other “scripts” that are trying to access their servers to communicate order details. If you have network issues at your site (or your partners have network issues) then yes, the checkout.complete page might take a while to display. That is why it is important to ensure that any scripts you run are enclosed in:

$.document.ready( function() {
// your script data here

This will ensure that the scripts do NOT execute until after the page loads.

Of course this is all predicated on the conclusion that the double orders are coming from a delayed checkout.complete page.

You could also add jQuery code that will disable the “Submit order” button after it is clicked.