Duplicate blocks names: Adding block to grid

As you see in the bellow image there are multiples blocks that have the same name.
How you manage them?
I would recommend to place a number or something that you know is a different block.
Using mouse hover to show a different info/text for each block would be also a good idea.
Otherwise we work like blinds we don t know how to deal with blocks that have same names

I agree is confusing, there isn’t many duplicates in a fresh install, but each time you add a new block this can create duplicates if you don’t give a distinct name.

I got a lot of duplicates when I added a new theme.

They do have the unique block number in the block manager screen and you can change names of the block here too.

@CS-Cart_team maybe the block-number (#nn) could be defaulted in on the add block screen to assist?

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You can see a list of all the blocks and where they are used in the Design > Layouts > Manage blocks page of your admin panel.

I don’t know if the block IDs should be shown in the block selector, as they may distract and confuse new marketplace administrators.

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@CS-Cart_team you should put into the skin of users/admins.
How do you feel with what is now?
What you mentioned is in a different movie let say. What has one that I mentioned with another The Design > Layouts > Manage blocks is in a different place. Users/admin might not be aware that there is a link between image I provided to you and the one you provided to me. Even let say is obvious is not good in terms of UX and logic

There are many ways this can be improved:
If blocks have the same name use something to distinguish them:

  • use an option to hover over the block name and see a description or more info about it to distinguish one from another

  • use different colors of blocks of same name

  • use different icons

  • use numbers

If will think I might come with 2-3 more ideas.
You just chose one of them

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Thank you for the reply.

I see your point and have created the new feature request for the developers.


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