Duplicate 1st line street address

Duplicate 1st line street address

Some (not all) customers have a duplicate 1st line in their invoice shipping address.

I have asked the customers and they confirmed that they did not type their street address twice.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Thank you!

Can you show how does checkout look like in your store?

Account page example

OK, and how does it look like in backend, after order is placed?
Using option “Edit order”, you can see what profile fields in order are filled with what data. Is this “Duplicate 1st line street address” in one field, or in two separate fields?

The street address is in two fields but the customer did not type this twice - I have asked many customers and none remember typing twice and that is not a logical behavior unless somehow the software suggested that they should.

Example of that is that some countries do not have states maybe Hong Kong and Singapore but my store requires a state in the address.

I do not require a second street address line and many customers do not have this problem.

It is a mystery to me why this is happening in a random way…

separate point entirely @traveler but your checkout page looks much better then default page. Was this as a result of custom development?


I can up with the ideas and Nikita at Ecom made the changes on Unitheme 2. He works quickly and tries his best.

I am not a designer so it was a slow process of mostly removing things that i don’t need.

In the past I used custom themes but I think it is easier and faster to buy a theme and then modify it.

My guess is browser auto-fill function.?

Interesting idea - if that was the case then everyone should be getting double street addresses on occasion.

Do you get them?

Not necessarily. Not everyone uses the same browser and it’s usually an option that can be enabled/disabled.

No, I do not get them. It was just a guess on my part.

I appreciate the guess as this is a mystery.

Most of my customers are older and not that familiar with browser settings so unless it is a default setting that is probably not the solution.

thanks, roughly how much was the custom development if you dont mind sharing. I am also looking at reworking the checkout page due to default cs-cart page being less than optimal

Two factors to consider:

First, I bought a theme and some add ons for speed and SEO etc you can visit the Alex Branding website for that in detail. https://cs-cart.alexbranding.com/en/template-unitheme.html $249 for the theme only plus addons as you need.

Next Ecom did the actual changes to the theme.They have different rates depending on what you need. If you know exactly what you want and tell them very clearly with illustrations you can have the work done quicker and save money. https://www.ecom-labs.com/

I did some old order filing today and noticed that I have the double street address error on many invoices - for sure the customers are not doing this.