Drop Shipping Work Flow Question

We are currently considering Magento and CS Cart and I had some questions if someone would be kind enough to answer them. By the way, we already have a store but we are out growing our current platform.

All of our products are shipped directly from our suppliers to our customers. We are looking to automate the process beyond an email being triggered to our suppliers when an order is placed. Ideally we'd like to -

  1. Receive an order in our store
  2. Purchase order is triggered and sent to our supplier
  3. Supplier provides the shipping date
  4. The customer is notified when their product is going to ship
  5. If the ship date is more than x days in the future (back order), an additional discount is applied to the customers order
  6. If the order is on back order, customer receives a periodic email so they don't feel 'forgotten'
  7. Supplier sent an email if ship date arrives and product hasn't shipped
  8. If supplier changes the ship date, customer is notified
  9. The supplier ships our order to our customer (all of our suppliers use our UPS or Fedex accounts)
  10. Customers order is updated as shipped with tracking info

    I'm aware this is not available in CS Cart out the box but I am trying to ascertain if the above work flow is possible to create.

    Many thanks for any advice =)