Drop down menu

I have created a category. Now whenever someone clicks on that category there is a long list of items. I want to be able to put a drop down menu so everything can be compact and easier to navigate.

I didn’t see any option to this.

Could someone please let me know how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

lets say you have 6 products 2 of each needing to go in a diferent category but all under 1 parent category.

so you will have parent category of say shirts

then 3 sub cat of

yellow shirts,

green shirts

blue shirts

you just create a new category under SHIRTS to be yellow shirts, in products categories new category then select the drop down box of where you want yellow shirts to sit. Find SHIRTS and sit it under that category.

then when you select shirts in the store front you will then see the sub cats of yellow shirs under it. Obviously this is where you would sit your yellow shirt products.

The other way is if you import your products via csv the the categories cell should read like this SHIRTS///YELLOWSHIRTS

or for blue SHIRTS///BLUE SHIRTS


shirts is the parent and blue/shorts sleeve etc are sub categories.


etc etc

Ok I have a parent category then I go to create a sub category but I don’t see drop down menu anywhere under sub category.

I see only the “Information, Seo, and Availability” section. I don’t see anything referring to drop down menus. Nor do I see anything under the Addons tab.

Could you please let me know where exactly I would be able to find. it.



I’d really appreciate if someone could inform me on how to use or make the drop down menu as this is really important for people with product which have a lot details.

Their are several different dropdown menu styles which are set within the categories block in the block manager - Sno

Okay I did the following:

Design > Blocks > Categories > I then click on the category then I click edit but I’ve tried all the filling and appearance options and I can’t find the drop down menu option anywhere.

Can you please tell me what I have to do in detail.

Thanks for you help.

Go to categories,

clcik add new category at the bottom of page

new cat box appears, put in name of cat and seo data etc etc

but toward the top is box that says LOCATION (root leve) change root level to be the name of the parent category, then your new cat will appear under the parent,


Well that helped but I was actually looking for actual drop down menus that you have to click and then you get a list of items.

How can I do that?

Thanks for the help!

So you want to populate a drop down menu with products?

I want to populate a drop down menu with categories.

There is: Main category > Sub category > Product

People would click on the main category on the left sidebar and then click the drop down menu to choose the sub category and finally arrive to the product.