Drag & Drop Mechanism For Ordering Products In Catalog


It's nearly impossible to correctly set the position of the products in category while using variations as a single product.

- The view should show only catalog items, instead it shows all of the product variations
- In order to correctly set the position I have to assign the same value "position" for all of the variants. This value should be duplicated across all of the variations as a single product
- There should be drag & drop mechanism! It's implemented across other sections of cs-cart admin panel. It would make it much easier than it is now. I cannot overstate this one. IT'S A MUST HAVE

It should be fairly simple as most of the above mentioned mechanisms are available already in the cs-cart admin panel.

It would improve the ability to manage big stores.

Imac, Ikoshkin what do you think?

Thanks for the suggestions. They're logical, and it seems like they won't require large amounts of development. However, I'm not a programmer, so I might be wrong about that. That's why I can't talk about implementation dates yet.

I've created an issue on our internal tracking system, so that our developers could look into it.