Downloading digital file failures


I am having trouble with my site and digital downloads.

Many customers are having failures when downloading files.

I have noticed the steps to download a file may be confusing and think this might be the cause.

After checking out there is a box clearly marked “DOWNLOAD”, which redirects to another page where the file number is shown.

You must click a second time on the file number to begin the download.

It is here where I think customers are becoming confused and not clicking the file as they have already selected download.

I would like to modify the second stage but don’t know how to access this page in admin.

Can anybody help me with how to find and modify this page.

Any other tips on what may be the cause would also be appreciated.

I am on version 2.0.11

The site is if you wish to look and see the steps I have described. Download a free design to test.

Thanks Ben