Downloadable Products Email


I have CS-Cart set up, but I’m experiencing an issue. I have notifications set up to email the user upon a processed transaction. All my products are digital downloads.

In the processed transaction email that users are receiving, there is no download link to the digital product they just purchased. This seems odd, and was hoping somebody might be able to help me enable this functionality.



Do you have your product(s) set for manual activation?


I have them set to “after full payment”. Should I change this to immediately? If I do that and the payment fails, will they still have access to the files?



You’ll want to set it at “after full payment”. I use “immediately” for free products.

The download links come in a separate email. The order notification has only the order information in it. I added a note in that email, however, telling the customer to look in their “My Account” area for their download links.

I can’t remember if I had to do something special to enable the download email. It’s been a while since I set all that up. Maybe someone else knows…

Anybody have any other ideas why this might not be working?

Just wanted to follow up - anybody have any ideas? Still experiencing this issue.

I seem to be having a similar issue

If the client orders via paypal it seems hit and miss as to them receiving the Download email

I’ve just tried this myself and sure enough I haven’t had the email through, system is set to send on payment completed

Just to check I just did a credit card order and as soon as I switched it to processed I got the download email

Anyone got any suggestions?


Just to update, if I switch the order to open and then back to processed the email is sent

I assume that this is some issue with the way paypal payments are processed and the way the system switches them to open




Paypal standard orders will many times remain in the Open status because the user did not click the “return to merchant” link in paypal. Hence, paypal never did the callback to tell the cart the status of the payment. For those users who do click that link the paypel orders will be in the Processed status and your download info will be sent.

Hi and thanks for the quick reply

This is Paypal Express, and these orders do all show as ‘processed’ in the admin system

The test I did to myself I switched to open then back to processed and the email arrived