Don't want CC info stored on database + server.

Hi all,

I plan to use PayPal ‘Website Payments Pro’ (PayPal Pro) as our payment gateway with CS 2.0.8. PayPal have confirmed to me that by default PayPal Pro will not store Credit Card or customer information on our server or database. However, they said that it is still up to me to ensure no Credit Card or customer data is stored on our side.

How do I configure CS Cart to ensure that no data will be stored on our server or database?

We really don’t want any customer data stored at all - we’d much prefer the payment gateway be the one that worries about this!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your CS will pass all customer’s CC details via the built-in API to PP Pro. No details will be left on your web server. Sleep well.

Just make sure that you set the order status to “remove CC” data or else it will be stored. Also currently you need to disable HTTP/HTTPS logging or the CC data will be stored in the log too.