Domain Url Redirect

I bought CS_Cart and set it up without the Domain Name - http://www.**********.com
My host gives me a Staging URL to use while I'm setting it up - http://**********

Now I'm ready to go live and I have pointed the domain 'A' Records to my host and I've checked these files:
They work perfectly.

BUT when I go to http://www.**********.com it redirects me back to the staging URL - http://**********

I have triple checked the config.local.php & config.php & .htaccess. These are all correct.
I have cleared the cache multiple times but I still get redirected.

Has anyone got a fix for this?


You will also need to edit the company profile to reflect the domain you want to use. If you cannot access admin, you will need to edit it in the data base under table cscart_companies.


I have gone through every page in Admin and changed every instance of the Staging URL to the new Domain Name URL.

I have also downloaded the database and done a "find and replace" on the Staging URL. I replaced it with the new URL.

I have also downloaded the complete site and have done a "find and replace" on the Staging URL. I replaced every instance with the new URL.

There is nowhere else the redirect could be coming from.

Except the static HTML files work fine with the new URL.

All fixed.

A more detailed "find and replace" on the database found another bunch of instances and now no redirecting happens.

Sanity restored.

There can be only two places where store-front URL should be defined:

- the config.local.php file (see http_host and https_host params)

- the cscart_comapnies table in the database (see the Storefront URL and Secure Storefront URL params)