Doing A Fresh Install Of 3.0.6

I have given up on moving up to 4.1.4

Looking in my 3.0.6 add ons I see Store Import BUT

all indications are that I CAN'T use it for 3.0.6 > 3.0.6

So…why in blazes is it in 3.0.6 add ons ???

I know that I can just back up my database via cpanel

and point the new 3.0.6 installation at it but it just seems a bit

silly to have Store Import but not be able to use it.

If you don't want the Store Import addon, just uninstall it. CS-Cart includes it for those who want to import stores from the previous version (2.2.5).

Will do. Thanks.

It's there for importing V2 data into V3.

Thanks EZ. Sometimes the bleeding obvious hides in plain view ( from me anyway ).