Does it really make much difference whom I use for web site hosting

Does it really make much difference whom I use for web site hosting or all they all really a much of a muchness.

So one year fasthosts have a big problem - the next year it is some else.

Some charge more so unless it is the old psychology of - it costs more so it MUST be better - then what are people paying the extra for.

For small business ecommerce sites are there any specific features that I should be looking at especially in terms of reseller packages.


I’m not going to say much more then be copy and paste a conversation I’ve witnessed prior. If you need someone to host your server check my sig.

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Before anyone argues about this they should do a little reviewing of data centers and dedicated server leasing (it’s pretty interesting). Nearly every host out there leases it’s servers from data centers but even if not, the total costs of operating are very similar.

Most current servers come equipped with equipment similar to below

cpu Ranging from single core to ‘dual’ dual cores Intel or AMD

The cpu means very little with these offers so lets move on

Most of these servers have a max memory of 8gb but come default with 1 or 2gb. Each additional gb will be approx $20/mo extra

Most servers are now offered with a single 250gb drive with upgrades available and this is where it starts to get interesting. Lets take for instance. An additional 250gb drive is $20/mo extra or $50/mo for a 1TB. Most all of these are 1 or 2u rack servers and will only hold a max of 4 drives.

hmm, already

Now lets consider bandwidth costs

The typical dedicated server will come with an allowance of 1500 to 2000GB/month of total bandwidth. An additional 1,000GB costs around $100/mo typically ( again as example).

You should now see a red flag when it comes to these hosts offering 500gb of space and 1000’s of gb in bandwidth for $5.00/mo. ‘These are over sellers’.

They know that an average site will need less than 500mb of space and 3gb of bandwidth per month so they make these stupid offers knowing nobody will ever need what they offer for a normal site and anyone who does start using allot will be removed very quickly for some reason they have carefully crafted within their TOS.

Nearly all budget hosts use 10/Mbps or 100Mbps ports to further save costs and limit throughput (We use 1000Mpbs).

10Mbps used 24/7 can only transfer 3164GB per month.

100Mbps used 24/7 can only transfer 31640GB per month.

These hosts will pack at least 300 accounts (usually much more) on each server… This maths just doesn’t add up no matter how you try it

Stay away from over sellers!!!


I don’t know a lot about hosting and I have only been with 2 companies so I don’t have that much experience, but I do feel that your host can make a big difference in your store. I used to have my sites set up on a big shared host and in the beginning that was ok. My first sites weren’t e-commerce sites so the hosting didn’t make that much of a difference. After purchasing CS-Cart I quickly realized my big shared host just wouldn’t work. It wasn’t like CS-Cart wouldn’t run on there servers, but everything was real slow. Before too long I learned about CyberLNC off of this forum and then started switching everything to them. Now my sites run much faster and I am able to have features that I didn’t have before like a static IP and a SSL certificate.

Another important thing to consider is customer service. My previous host just sucked with their customer service. Any time I needed help it was like pulling teeth to get them to help me. I felt like I was just a number and they didn’t care if everything was working or not.

Security is another thing to consider. There are quite a few posts on this forum about people having security problems and it seems like it usually comes down to the host. With my previous host and CyberLNC I never have had any security problems, but from reading the posts, it can happen.

I also like using CyberLNC because Scott is familiar with CS-Cart and he has been a great help to me with getting my sites up and running. He also posts on this forum almost daily so I know he is on top of what is going on. Scott has even helped me out with my non-CS-Cart sites by setting up a shared SSL certificate for me.

There are a lot of hosts out there and the only thing I would suggest is reading through the forum and seeing who everyone uses and is happy with. I know that I am very happy with CyberLNC and would recommend their hosting to anyone.