Does Cs-Cart Work In Windows Azure ?

Does Cs-cart work in Windows Azure or Which is the best hosting option?

That is becouse I have this problem:

[color=#000000]We are experiencing problems with the website From time to time the server goes down while accessing[/color]

[color=#000000]This is the answer of the server administrators:[/color]

[i]Firts ticket:[indent]Hello Gessa,

Thank you for patience.

System administrators have found multiple connections to /home/peridomi/public_html/index.php website:

  1. They have restarted all processes under "peridomi " user.
  2. You should re-check this website and make sure to optimize application under it and it's database.

    It has been found, that peridomi_peridomicilio/cscart_cache table has been crashed. System administrators repaired it. Also:
  • innodb_log_file_size re-set from 5M to 256M
  • all other databases checked,
  • /etc/hosts fixed
  • services mysql and cpanel restarted

    Also, we have enabled slow MySQL queries logging. They are writed into this file:


    You might want to address this file to web developers in order to analyze it's content and optimize slow queries.

    Best Regards,

    Oleg Boyko

    Technical Department[/indent]

    Second ticket:[indent]Dear Gessa,

    Thank you for contacting tech support.

    I would like to let you know that our administrators have checked your server and found that it is working fine at the moment, as well as domain. However as we can see also, is generating quite big resources usage, so we would recommend you to review attached file and optimize usage.

    et me explain how to read these logs in order to get more useful information from this stats information. Let's have a look at the very 1st line in CPU resources_usage.txt file, here it is:

    Uid: 510 Total time: 36346 seconds

    36106.895 /usr/bin/php|/home/peridomi/public_html/index.php (30694)

    “Uid: 510” is the user ID that is running the files/scripts/commands.

    "Total Time: 36346 seconds " means that that user has took up a total of 2290 CPU seconds overall.

    “36106.895 /usr/bin/php|/home/peridomi/public_html/index.php (30694)” the 1st number (36106.895) is the number of seconds that specific command/script, etc. has used.

    The next part shows the actual command/file/script that was being ran/executed.

    The final part with a number in parentheses “(30694)” simply says how many times that command/file/script was ran.

    As for the RAM stats information:

    Uid: 510 Total mem usage: 2997458 Mb

    2987661.060 [ 97.0177 ] /usr/bin/php|/home/peridomi/public_html/index.php (30795)

    The output is very similar to the previous one (CPU).

    The first part simply shows the userID that is running the scripts/commands, etc.

    The one big difference with this output is it will show something like 2987661.060 [ 97.0177 ] in the beginning. The first number (2987661.060) is the amount of Memory this process has used over the course of the day. The second number (97.0177) is how much memory the script uses each time it runs. So if you take the number in brackets and multiply it with the number at the end which says how many times the script was run it will equal the first number. In our example you would do 97.0177 * 30795 which equals 2987661.060.

    As for your question about slow queries log, it can be accessed using SSH on path provided earlier. You may use nano or vim editors to review it. For your convenience I have also copied this file to home folder of domain (/home/peridomi/). It is now accessible from your file manager or FTP. Please review it. Below you may also find manual which will help you to read them.


    Please also note that this file is quite big (5 GB), so it is recommended to download it to local storage and remove from your account after that.

    Best regards,

    Dmitriy Ugnich

    Technical Support[/indent][/i]

maybe try a free trial ?

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Does Cs-cart work in Windows Azure or Which is the best hosting option?


Yes, you can use Microsoft Azure as a hosting for CS-Cart. The best configuration depends on the attendance and size of your store.