Does CS automatically link to your catalog?

Looking to find where cs cart links to your hard copy html catalog for search engine indexing? Or is this I have to manually link to somewhere?

not sure, I just made my own index.html page that linked to the catalog directory, would be nice to have the html catalog generated in the root directory and to have manufacturers & pages generated as well…

yeah for seo puproses u’d think they’d atleast link to the html catalog via the sitemap i didn’t see it there

Be careful doing HTML catalog and PHP catalog. If you do not “hide” the php catalog, google will penalize you for duplicate content.

Just an observation here, but it’s so stupid people have to worry about what google thinks or does. It irks me so bad…


No you do not get penalized with google… they simnply don’t count duplicate content

Where did you read that? Ive been on X forums for 3 years, along with reading other sites like seochat and some others.

Everything I read, said google penalizes for duplicate content…Please post where you read this, otherwise, I will consider this bad information to CS users.

Maybe I need another cup of coffee but how do you hide the php side of the store?


you deny bots from indexing any php files. then only then read the html catalog.

Hi guys,

Could i use robots.txt for this purposes:


Disallow: /

And then the bots will search the rest of the site???