Documentation Improvements: Core Api Docs And Disqus Comments


There have been a couple of changes to CS-Cart documentation lately, and we would love to hear your opinions and suggestions. This would help us set priorities and, hopefully, provide you with better tools and documentation.

Demo: Core API Documentation

When you read technical documentation, you run across various hooks, functions, classes, and methods. In times like these it’s convenient to be able to look them all up somewhere.

We used to have hook documentation at, but now we have reworked and extended it to include classes, methods, and functions. The new core API documentation is available at


You can also reach it by going to Developer Guide → Core API at

The Core API Documentation allows you to search any CS-Cart function, class, hook, or method. It features search suggestions and version selector. For now there’s only 4.3.6, but we’re planning to add newer versions after they are released.

We also intend to develop the Core API Documentation further by adding new widgets and sections, such as “Deprecated Functions” and “New in This Version”.


Disqus Comments in Documentation

In other news, all the articles dedicated to version 4.3.x at now support comments, with Disqus serving as the comment platform. We think that it’s a convenient way to point out vague descriptions and provide other feedback. Feel free to comment the articles, so that we can improve the documentation further.

We are looking forward to your feedback! Please let us know what you think about these changes, and share your suggestions in this topic.

First off, a nice addition. A couple of comments:

- Seems to be a work in progress as a lot of functions and hooks have no information for them.

- A blank page with a search box isn't the most friendly home page. Some sort of index / categorization to browse for what you might need vs having to know up front what you're looking for would be helpful.

- Type in calculate_cart and hit enter. You get no results. Search as you type with results in the dropdown below the search box is nice but totally unexpected as the only search results interface. I expected a normal hit enter and get a page of results with some additional info like the hook description so I can sort out which one I'm looking for and leave the results page up then open individual hooks/functions in new tabs so I can bounce back and forth between the results list and details on particular items of interest. The way it works now the only way to get to the results list again is to go back to the search box and modify the search.

- Exact matches don't show up first in the results. Type in calculate_cart and get fn_buy_together_calculate_cart()#buy_togeth as the first result when the exact match calculate_cart hook shows up second as fn_calculate_cart_content()#calculate_cart

- Search results in the dropdowns are cutoff - particularly hook names following long function names. This really limits the usefulness. Another plug for that results page where you don't need to limit the number of characters displayed.

- Hooks are returned in the search results as fn_xxxxxx()#hook. That makes it a little hard to see the hook name when you are searching for a hook. Another plug for that results page maybe with filters for functions, hooks, etc.

- Type in fedex. Nothing returned. Type in Fedex and get Tygh\Shippings\Services\Fedex as a result. Search should not be case sensitive.

- It looks like template hooks are not in this documentation.

First off, a nice addition. A couple of comments:

Thanks for the feedback. We'll keep improving the search and overall usability of the API docs.