Document ID - Legal Issue (!)


After getting a response from CS-cart support that their document is behind a paywall, to which I call a lie - I belice they have forgotten about this function - which causes a very troubling issue, eesepcially if your within EU.

In the document, provided by CS-cart for their Multi-vendor software, there is 3 types of ID’s for document;

  1. Order ID
  2. Invoice ID
  3. Credit Memo ID

There is no “satand alone” Credit Memo ID, it depend on the Order ID as well, in the snippet “{{ o.invoice_id_text }}”
When using this snippet, you can get the Order ID, if it’s a Invoice. And a Credit Memo ID + Order ID, if it’s an Credit Memo. But there is NO option to show Invoice ID. Nor Credit Memo ID, by it self.

According to CS-cart’s own document, all 3 ID’s have their own sequence.
But, after reading multiple posts here in the forum - CS-cart have never once answered anyone asking about the Invoice ID. So, I belive they have forgotten about this function and since I don’t pay for the overpriced support, they don’t need to help me - even that the software dosn’t even live up to legal standard.

Any single person who knows about this system, how to access it or if it even exist?

Link to Document:

Image of the 3 ID’s and sequence explaination:

Information about laws and set-up of Invoice/Credit Invoice (Credit Memo);

Have you enabled order status say invoice to generate invoice id?

Check order statuses in settings

Snippet "{{ o.invoice_id }} doesn’t work at least, as mentioned before.
Something I missed or did wrong with the Status??

Care to pitch in @CS-Cart_team ?




I checked, everything is running smoothly:

Which snippets are used in this template?

All the default ones, I haven’t changed anything in the templates and/or snippets.

I checked our demo stores and I got the same results as @CS-Cart_team.
Claiming that CS-Cart is non-EU-compliant is a very bold claim, because that would mean hundreds of stores running this software are in huge trouble. And I didn’t hear about any series of fines applied to the online stores recently :slight_smile:

I regret to inform you that CS-Cart, despite their claims, is not fully compliant with B2B EU regulations. To address this, we’ve invested significantly in custom development with the assistance of eCom Labs. This has been necessary to make CS-Cart’s basic functions compliant, including Marketplace fee accounting, Stripe Fee accounting, Admin-to-Vendor Commission Invoice, Vendor Plan Invoice, VAT ID correction exemption, and more.

We’ve encountered numerous issues with CS-Cart on both B2B and B2C fronts within the EU. As a result, we deeply regret our initial choice to work with CS-Cart. We are actively exploring alternatives that prioritize compliance with EU VAT tax regulations, adhere to EU laws (including GDPR), and offer features like cookie blocking for users who decline.
CS-cart doesn’t even offer a fully developed cover for Cookies (GDPR) that follows EU laws…

It’s important to note that the use of CS-Cart Multivendor in the EU may inadvertently violate EU laws, particularly in accounting practices, even if the violations are not immediately apparent.

We have no issues servicing b2b in the eu from the UK and never had. GDPR works fine, Tax rules work fine,

But now since “brexit” it is even better for us as we dont have to put up with all the rubbish that comes out of the EU beurocratic nonsense rules from belgium.

CS does just fine

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That’s partly why I mentioned the EU, :crazy_face:

The software works well in regions outside the EU (most likely because I don’t have to deal with those regulations). However, within the EU, it becomes complicated, and certain features are marketed as “add-ons,” separate from the essential functions. To come close to complying with EU laws, you need numerous third-party plugins.

Understood, but when the UK was in the EU we didnt have any major issues over 13 years using CS, what are you facing specifically, if you are still having proboems we may be able to help

From your comments I take it that you use the “out-of-box” version of CS-cart, correct?

Some of the issues I list below;

  • Accounting doesn’t show incl./excl. VAT.
  • Accounting doesn’t show Stripe Fee.
  • Accounting show the wrong Payout (doesn’t remove Stripe fee).
  • No commission invoice is generated (no documentation to cover cost for marketplace fee for bookkeeping, for either Admin or Vendors).
  • No automatic VAT exempt.
  • No VAT ID on invoices.
  • Accounting doesn’t show have a Tax column.

And if you are looking for a automatic way to sign up Vendors for a subscription, then CS-cart doesn’t even offer this (even though they use that system them self on their Support License, via Stripe) :person_facepalming:

You can read a lot more here about accounting issues;


I Use out of the box, but with lots of mods on different sites But I dont use multi vendor/markeplace so cant comment too much on that “accounting” sorry.