Do you know

Does anyone use or has integrated information from the icecat website?

Is anyone working on a module for this?



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It’s been mentioned a few times, but nothing said otherwise.


Very bad, because it is a fantastic tool for computer and accessories online stores…

It’s is free and let you manage thousand products with perfect detailed descriptions and specifications, without any need to insert all these informations manually.

I saw that prestashop, magento and batavi have this feature… I would like to see this addition on CS-Cart too :slight_smile:

For interested people, here you can find updated documentation for XML integration of data catalog:


This is the PHP file used in BATAVI ( to import and parse XML data file got by database.

Someone is able to convert it to CS-Cart, please?


Hi there,

Not sure if this is of interest but Ive developed an app where you simply put in the make and model of an item and viola instant product description ready to paste into your website.

It also gives you other details such as the EAN or UPC which is handy for listing on third party reseller sites.

I’ve no real ties with IceCat bar using them so if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

I am in the same boat. My supplier offers a xml feed. I need to import this to cs-cart. Can anyone help?

Hi Guys,

Im running a website now that uses and XML feed for controlling stock data and then my own little web app to help making adding to the site easier.

Id recommend against apps that pull from a feed to populate the site because then how do you make your site look different and use SEO techniques to get to the top.

To give you an example of what a product we have added looks like check out this link for a case

It needs a little tinkering with but you get the idea!

I’ve just put together a very quick and dirty video on how my web app uses the data from icecat to generate descriptions for your site.

The video does show and explain the output and what parts can be customised for your site.

If you want the link then drop me a PM and I will invite you to the video. Its VERY rough and ready as its my first ever screen cast.


I’m interested to integrated information from the Icecat website on my cscart shop

Can anyone help me?